2022 Contest Announcement

Light Ohio Blue is excited to announce our second annual First Responder Photo Challenge is open for your submissions!

In remembrance of the twenty-first anniversary of the 9-11 attacks and the heroic response by first responders, Light Ohio Blue and Light Ohio Red with the support of Ohio’s own Flying Cross Uniforms will again be hosting a friendly competition amongst our Ohio first responders.

Any public safety agency within the State of Ohio is encouraged to submit a photo of their agency’s vehicle. The competition was hugely popular last year and brought agencies and communities together from across our great state.

The photos will be posted for public voting from September 11, 2022, through September 30, 2022.

You can be as creative as you want in showing off your agency’s vehicle while highlighting your agency and community pride, but the focus of the photograph should be the vehicle. This is a way to reach out to our communities and allow them to show support. And the winning agencies in the categories have huge bragging rights (for at least a year).

In early October, the winners of the contest will be presented with their awards during a ceremony that will take place in Central Ohio.

Photo Categories

Law enforcement categories:

LE Category 1: Population of 100,000+

LE Category 2: 30,000-99,9999

LE Category 3: 15,000-29,999

LE Category 4: 5,000-14,999

LE Category 5: 1,000-4,999

LE Category 6: 1-999

Fire and EMS Categories:

FD Category 1: Population of 50,000+

FD Category 2: 1-49,999

FD Category 3: Volunteer

Joint Law Enforcement and Fire Category:

Any agency specialty vehicle (aircraft, watercraft, SWAT, HAZMAT, Rescue).

Photo Submissions

The photo submission process has changed. For the 2022 Ohio First Responder Photo Challenge, we are allowing agency representatives to upload their photos directly to each contest they wish to submit a photo to.  

Visit 2022 Photo Upload Instructions for more information on how to add your photo to the contest.

Photo submissions are open from 8/11/2022 through 9/16/2022.  Only one photo per agency (per category) will be accepted.

2021 Winners

Click on the image below to view last year’s winners!

Email any questions or issues to Staff@lightohioblue.org and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Thank you.

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