Category 2

Populations of 30,000 - 99,999

You may vote on one photo, per 24 hr period*, per category, per device/ip.

Rules and Important Notes from Light Ohio Blue Staff

The contest runs from 1/09/2024 through 1/31/2024.  Voting will open at 12am on 1/09/2024 and close at 11pm on 1/31/2024.

Photo submissions will open on TBD.

A person may vote on one photo, in each of the categories, each day. Your ability to vote will reset at midnight Eastern time.

Votes may not show up immediately or vote counts may appear off due to website caching. Each confirmed/fair vote is logged in the database and will count at the end of the competition.

The photo with the most votes at the end of the contest will be announced as the winner.  

The fairness of each contest will be kept at the forefront of Light Ohio Blue’s mind and as such, anti-cheat systems are in place. 

Categories may be combined if needed based on the number of photo submissions in a category.

IP-based voting restrictions may not allow multiple individuals from within one agency/organization to vote using a device connected to their agency/organization’s network.  If this occurs, you are encouraged to vote using a cellular device that is not connected to your agency/organization’s WIFI.

Unforeseen errors may occur and Light Ohio Blue Staff reserves the right to address any issues and select the best possible outcome.  Any votes that are deemed to be submitted via bot/script will be disallowed. Light Ohio Blue is not responsible for any device issues.

Questions can be sent to  We will attempt to answer as soon as feasible.